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“Juries and Final Exams are Approaching: How Do I Help My Students with End-of-the-Semester Stress?” Answered by Linda Cockey, Vanessa Cornett, Lois Svard. College Music Society Newsletter Column Q&A “To you and your students”

Gerig, Reginald R. with Linda Cockey. Famous Pianists and Their Technique. Indiana University Press, March 2007. ISBN: 978-0-253-34855-5 Appendix on Wellness Resources

“Toward a Keyboard Piano Pedagogy for the New Millennium” The National Conference on Keyboard Piano Pedagogy Proceedings, 2001

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“Trials of an Eighteenth Century Woman Musician” in Women of Note Quarterly: 1997: volume 5:4 (20-24)

Cockey, Linda, Josephine Gimble and Ann Joseph. “A Teaching Strategy for Healthier Performance: A Practical Guide for all Music Teachers”. American Music Teacher: 1989: volume 38:3 (22-23, 65)

“Annotated Bibliography of Wellness Resources” – – On-line database; with over 500 resources; annotations are a minimum of 700 words each

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